Wall Paint Colors: Yellow and Green Living room

Even though many people agree in Go Green, green is often neglected in considering wall paint colors. They say, green is not easy to combine and that the color is too dark.

I do not agree with them. I don’t. For me, green is just like any other color, and we can easily combine it, of course, by picking the right tone. So, let’s try to have green and yellow for wall paint colorsliving room.

Racially, you can have green for the background of your room. You may pick lime, pistachio, or even other shades of green which are darker than lime. The formula is easy: pick the right shades of yellow. For example, you can have line and lemon. Or if they are too bright, you can pick olive and maize. If you are not sure whether the color is going to work, thus, have the shades of green as the background, and yellow for the dominant. Moreover, for the accent, you can have the shades of pink, purple, or red.

All in all, in playing with wall paint colors, all you need to do it to state the mood. If you want to be in calm and natural mood, have the soft shades. How if you feel bold then?

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