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  • Bedroom Color Combination
    Bedroom Color Combination
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Thoughtful Paint Designs for the Bedroom

There are a lot of thoughtful paint designs for bedroom walls out there. A person who likes a certain type of forest green on a number of different items may also like forest green to be a part of the combination that their bedroom wall is painted with. Forest green is a little different than the lamp shade green that some people use when they are painting their walls, the lamp shade green would remind many people of the shag carpet that would used in many homes in the 1970s. A homeowner may or may not want a shade of green as a part of their paint combination for their bedroom walls. The paint designs for bedroom walls are something that can set the entire decor for a home.

1970 Bedroom Design



A couple that is willing to compromise over the paint design for bedroom walls may decide to paint one wall red and another bedroom wall green. Rusty red or crimson may be an extremely popular color when it comes to different bedroom walls out there. Cornell red may give your bedroom a bit of an academic feel, like you are walking into the halls of an elite college as you enter your bedroom. The Cornell Red may be fairly popular with people who are looking for a color that is not too dominant or overwhelming.

Cornell Red Bedroom Wall



A number of people may in fact look for a sports theme when they are painting their bedroom walls. A lot of people who like a certain football team may want to paint their bedroom walls the same colors as the home jerseys of that football team. A person may want to paint the walls in their bedroom black and gold in order to salute the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Find Cool Interior Wall Color Ideas for Home or Office

Finding perfect interior wall color ideas entails studying the impact of color combinations. There are many choices available for you. The best will be, however, that which not just makes your refurbished but also is cool and draws attention of guests as well. Here you will find some most interesting interior wall color ideas that you can apply for painting interior walls of your home or office.

Rag Painting

Rag Painting

One of the extremely popular interior wall color ideas is rag painting. This is a rather ‘cool choice’ for your home walls. You can paint the rag with the paint color of your choice. After removing excess paint you can dab it on to the wall. When the paint has run out, after first attempt, you can repeat it with slight pressure. When one rag layer is saturated with paint it can be replaced with another rag. With rag paining you can make interior walls appearing like wallpaper.

Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is another extremely sought after interior wall color idea. Natural sponges are generally used to give new look to the walls. Before dabbing on the walls, sponges are dipped in the chosen paint. It is better if rough patterns are applied on the face of the walls. To give a dashing look to the walls sponges must be moved in every possible direction randomly. Random movement of sponges gives out indiscriminate pattern to the wall design.

Sponge Painting

Pastels Colors

Choice of pastels colors is generally associated with the softness and light qualities. These include colors such as light blue, lavender, mint green pink etc. These colors can make you feel your rooms bigger, airier, calmer and less-crowded as well. Pastels colors like blue are perfect match for baby’s room. Painting your kitchen with pastel colors like green will make your kitchen appear like oasis. A gentle pink color on the interior walls of little girl is no less than a delight for you.

Wall Designs For A Bedroom

There are many popular paint wall designs for a bedroom. The popular designs have light colors which has a relaxing effect and ambiance to it. The popular colors that are used in bedrooms include lighter shades of grey, blue, brown and purple. Lighter shades of brown and purple give the bed room a classic Victorian look.

Brown Bedroom Walls

Darker shades are generally not preferred. However when a darker shade is used in combination with a lighter shade, the bed room will have a good ambiance Usually one of the walls is painted with a darker shade while the other walls of the bedroom are painted with a lighter shade.

Designs in bed room walls are very popular these days. Classic designs include flowers and butterflies. They are often used in children’s bedroom especially girl’s bedroom. Girl’s bedroom walls usually have a pink color with these designs in it. These designs can also be used in adult’s bedroom if they are used with a darker shade like brown.

Under water themes are very popular among ocean lovers. The room usually has designs which include fish and other aquatic wild life. These designs are usually used with light grey or blue shades.

Underwater Bedroom Wall Designs

The other popular design theme for bed room is the trees/forest theme. They create the ambiance of sleeping inside a forest. Design includes trees and leaves on the bed room wall. This theme can be used with any choice of color.

Another theme which is often used is the night sky theme. Design includes moons and stars on the bed room wall. Since they usually go well with darker shades, these paint wall designs are used only in one of the four walls of the bedroom. Some paint wall designs for a bedroom glow in the dark. This glow in the dark feature goes well especially with the night sky theme.

Various Ways To Paint Wall Designs For A Bedroom

Bedrooms are the places which are used for relaxing after a hectic day at work place. The bedroom should be extremely cozy and comfortable to let one relax completely. Bedroom can be styled to exhibit an aura of romance or of the corporate world. The feel of rustic charm as well as city life can be exhibited by one’s bedroom through proper styling. From exotic look of novels to specific place depicting designs, there are various options to paint wall designs for a bedroom. Specific works of architecture like dooms, gateways, etc are also used as bedroom designs according to one’s convenience. All these works of art are carried using stencils, tools and other equipment by expert craftsmen. One selects the bedroom theme according to one’s personality and choices like games, cartoons, novels, etc.

Exotic Wall Designs

The absolute calm novel look can be brought to any bedroom by the use of matte and classic colors like blue, peach, sand and many others. To make the room look Gothic, which in itself is quite uncommon, one can also opt for dark colors like black, Prussian blue, etc. The wall stickers are also commonly used for bedroom decoration. These stickers are selected according to ones choices and liking like the photos of nature or shining bells, candles and such other things. The wardrobes and closets installed in the bedrooms should be colored so that they complement the color and design of bedroom walls. Sublime colors like grey, rust and many others are used by couples in their bedrooms to exhibit class and comfort in the aura that the bedroom holds.

Elegant Wall Design

Wall paints are very popular and favored methods of wall decoration in bedrooms. If the bedroom belongs to a young person, especially a girls then pink bedroom theme with wall paints are the mostly used idea in bedroom decoration. Complementary furniture and room accessories add on to the charm of the bedroom.


How to Select Wall Paint Designs for a Bedroom

Most of us don’t have a comfort feel during our nap. The reason is simple and crystal clear that the color combinations deployed in our bedroom changes the entire scenario. Many of us do not care much about interior decorations or enhancing our new built-apartment or condo with mesmerizing colors. A unique color combination and superior wall paint design will change the entire look of the ambiance and enlighten the room décor.

Wall Paint Design

How to paint wall designs for a bedroom?

It is quite a tedious decision to make when it comes to pick or select appropriate wall designs for a bedroom. Overall it is an intimidating process. According to the size of a bedroom and the entire space involved in one should work properly and plan for a picture-perfect wall designs. Choosing the paint color plays a trigger role and it will be possible if we search hard via internet, browse sample pages or previous projects etc. It is also possible to seek help or back-up support from an established or renowned decorator. He will proficiently guide you with countless tips in choosing the perfect color. Since a common man lack technical knowledge about the available colors, fonts and textures it is prudent to work with an interior decorator.

Adding light colors enlightens a bedroom:

Almost 90% of us don’t go for bright and extremely attractive colors when we plan to change the look of a bedroom. It would be pleasing and enriches the bedroom if we go for colors like lemon yellow with creamy white background with some imprinted designs on it. One can make use of this image as sample.

White wall paint design

Important thing of all we should never plan to add cluster of designs to our bedroom. It might collapse the overall bedroom décor for sure. First and foremost of all it is vital to buy quality paints from top brands and make sure it is durable and moisture resistance. My personal opinion would be to go for metallic maroon with off-white for a custom bedroom finish.

Bedroom Wall Colors

People can be creative with the colors that they use to paint their bedroom walls. The setting of where your home is located can make a difference in the bedroom wall colors that are selected. An individual who has a farm home may want to paint the walls in their bedroom sweetcorn yellow. The color sweetcorn yellow can give people good memories of their time growing up in a farmhouse, so they decide to use that color to prolong their memories.

Bedroom Wall Color

Apple orchard green is another great color that can be used for bedroom wall painting purposes if you happen to live in a farmhouse. The colors that can be used in your bedroom may have great names and when you think of them, you may get a little hungry. It is up to the individual as to whether or not they are comfortable using a color like hot pink when they are painting their bedroom walls. A lot of people can be very expressive with the more flashy colors that people can select when it comes to bedroom wall painting.

Bedroom Wall Color

A person that wants to pain their walls a certain way should not be influenced by a professional painter that may be recommending a certain color to you. A homeowner who wants to paint their walls emerald green should be able to do that without any criticism. An individual who wants to paint one bedroom wall emerald green and another bedroom wall global spice should be able to do that, there is no need to hesitate. A number of companies out there have to know what they are talking about when they are selling paint to you. A customer that wants a specific desert sands related color should be able to get that color from a sales person that really cares about the process.


Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you want it to reflect your personality and taste. Thus said, the color scheme will also make a very noticeable impact on the ambiance and feel of the room. When you pick out a bedroom wall paint color, keep in mind the decor and furniture that will occupy the room. If the furniture is massive and loud, you need to downplay the colors of the wall. If the furniture is simple and sleek, try going for classic color schemes like the monochromatic.

Bedroom Wall Paint

When picking paint samples and deciding on a color scheme, think about the color you like most and see the samples and swatches for that color. If you pick a blue, green or purple color, in order to reduce the monotony, the walls can have a graduated tint and each wall can have a different shade of the same color. The colors on the walls can be arranged in descending or ascending order of their intensities and brightness.

Another great color scheme is to pick any two walls or just a single wall and paint it a different color than the rest. When doing this, keep in mind that the odd color should complement or contrast the colors on the rest of the walls and there should be perfect harmony among the chosen colors.

When picking out paint samples, you can also choose to make one wall as the focal point and add a decorative wallpaper, wall decoration or some such accentuating highlight. In such a case, make sure that the wallpaper you choose complements the patterns on your upholstery and goes perfectly with the color scheme. A section of a single wall is also being painted a different color to demarcate functional boundaries.

Bedroom Wall Paint

A monochromatic color scheme gives a very clean, suave and sophisticated look to your bedroom. When it is coupled with white colored furniture, the pristine look is indeed breathtaking. If you are not too comfortable with coupling black and white, you can pick other neutral shades like beige, navy, grey, etc. If you do wish to use only one color, make sure you do know how to accentuate key aspects of the room by adding some contrasting and quirky decor.

Choosing paint samples can be a walk in a park when you have friends or family who have excellent tastes and advise you nicely about choosing a great color scheme.

Bedroom Wall Designs

Bedroom wall design and decor can just be the option you need to add a refreshing look to your old room or just fill up a blank wall to reinvent your creative resources.

When it comes to decorating, the options are endless. Some of the more practical and simpler ones are listed below.

. Wallpaper- This is the most basic choice when it comes to adding some color to a blank wall. Adding wallpaper to a section of a wall or combining two wallpapers can also be an excellent idea to spice up an empty wall.

. Canvases, plates- Brightly colored canvases can be used to cover up a dull colored wall. Also hanging plates mate of china, brass or other materials can add some vibrancy to a monotonous wall. They also lend a very homey and antique feel to the ambience. Different shades and patterns can also be used. Raw silk, handmade paper and other fabrics are also being used to bring some character to the wall and the room in general.

Bedroom Wall Design

. Let loose your creative self- Paintings in watercolors, oil colors, sand, glitter, glass are other newfound ways of wall decor. Even photocopied pictures can look great when bound in a beautiful frame. Also, abstract paintings can add some whimsicality to mess up the natural order of things. Calligraphy, embroidery, crochet and other materials can be hung on walls. Stacks of leather bound books can be as attractive as a costly painting if it is done tastefully and reflects your inner spirit.

. Use natural stuff- Shells, conches, horns, corals, sand, clay objects can also constitute modern wall decor. Adorn these ornaments to lend some earthy and rustic flavor to bland rooms.

. Collages- Collages made out of old magazine pictures, family photos or digitally made collages will add some fun to your wall and make up for the lack of any noticeable feature in the room.

Bedroom Wall Design

. Image gallery- Hang an assorted collection of photos depicting your journey so far. The arrangement can be made in several patterns and if you are confused, always stick to geometrical ones. The images can also be chronologically arranged or show several clicks of a single event such as your marriage. Such type of wall decor adds a unique personal touch. If you want to go for asymmetrical patterns, be very careful about the harmony. The hanging of the pictures can make all the difference in making a wall appear wider or narrower.

. Tiles, wood, mosaic, mirrors- Wall tiles and mosaic are available and they lend a very clean and suave look to the room. Wood on the other hand can be used as paneling and lends a warm touch. Mirrors add depth and a feeling of calmness to the room.

. Stickers, clocks, sconces, lights- These can be used as wall decor and they can have functional purposes as well Antique clocks add a very nice touch to a modern living room. Sconces are available in various decorative styles and they bring a charming effect and eerie glow into the room.

Whatever might be the theme of the room, blend in your own taste in a significant manner. Try out something different and unconventional and you will get to know the benefits of individuality.